Mizu CLI

This page lists the command line options for the Mizu.


mizu [COMMAND]

Mizu Commands

  • check - Check prerequisites for Mizu and verify the Mizu deployment health
  • clean - Remove all Mizu resources
  • completion - Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  • config - Generate config with default values
  • help - Display help on the current Mizu command ((Also -h or --help)
  • install - Installs Mizu PRO components
  • logs - Create a zip file with logs for Github issues or troubleshooting
  • tap - Record incoming traffic of a Kubernetes pod.
  • version - Print version info.
  • view - Connect to existing Mizu deployment and open Mizu UI in browser.


Pass flags for additional Mizu configuration.

--config-path string: Override config file path using --config-path.
Default path is --config-path (<USER HOME FOLDER>/.mizu/config.yaml)

--set strings: Override values using --set
For example:

  • --set service-map=true: Displays a map of your current pods and the relationships between them in the Mizu UI
  • --set dump-logs=true: Write Mizu logs to current folder and zip them for support.

--help: Additional help

Additional Flags

Additional parameters can be passed with the mizu tap command.

  • --no-gui: Don't host the web interface
  • --gui-port: Local port that web interface will be forwarded to
  • --namespace: Use namespace different than the one found in kubeconfig
  • --kubeconfig: Path to custom kubeconfig file
  • --analysis: Send recorded traffic to UP9 for analysis. This function is still in beta mode.

Stop Mizu

Use Ctrl+C (^C) to stop Mizu and clean its resources

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